Editing Process

Our editorial services are conducted in the manner of an academic peer review, though we emphasis clarity and support in helping you improve your manuscript or other document.

Documents submitted will be edited using the Track Changes function of Word with additional clarification or comments placed in using Word’s comment function. Separate summaries will be provided with global suggestions and editorial comments.

The extent of edits and suggestions is based on the needs of the client as detailed below:

Non-scientific services

  1. English grammatical corrections (no scientific suggestions). For non-scientific documents we can provide English edits using Track Changes and commenting. This service is not suitable for scientific documents.

Scientific Services
For academic authors we provide the following services, depending on the level of support required.

  1. Comments only (non-invasive). English review from an academic perspective. This service is non-invasive (we make no changes to the manuscript) but instead provides comments on where changes are needed and suggestions of how this can be achieved.
  2. Full edits (Text editing and commenting). Text is modified (using Track Changes in MS Word) to correct and improve the English, though scientific arguments are unaltered. Any ambiguous areas are flagged with suggestions.
  3. Referee report (Text editing, commenting and review of scientific rigour). Paper reviewed as above for language. We also include stylistic interpretation and comments of suitability for proposed journal as would be received from a referee. We provide easy-to-follow referee comments allowing problems to be remedied before journal submission.

Additional services on demand

Submission letters:
Provided from scratch based on your manuscript and journal of choice: US$100
Edits to existing letters (assumes we also have edited your manuscript): US$50

Referee comments:
Assistance with referee comments (interpretation of comments and editing of replies) can be performed at the same rate as for ‘documents’ (1000-2500 words), based on the number of words in the referee comment to be interpreted or the number of words in the response letter.