Proof reading for English quality

We will proof read any documents to assess (and repair where necessary) the quality of the English. This includes e-mails, letters, announcements, company bios, pamphlets, promotional materials etc.

Services for academics and students

We edit any academic articles, ranging from grant proposals to short communication, monographs and theses. We can provide editorial and English language interpretation assistance for the entire submission process, to ensure maximisation of the chances of acceptance and minimise the confusion and time taken during manuscript revision.


We proof read and edit all forms of manuscripts. Our speciality is biological and agricultural sciences, with over two decades of editing and refereeing experience.

Submission letters

We can provide form submission letters and/or editorial assistance to authored submission letters to accompany manuscripts on initial submission.

Interpretation of referee comments / recommended responses

We can assist in the interpretation of the meaning of referee comments where these are difficult to grasp for non-native English speakers. We can also provide editorial assistance for English and correct form for replying to referee and journal editorial comments during manuscript resubmission.

Grant proposals

We will proof read and provide editorial comments on English grant proposals for international grants. Our editors have experience on grant review panels for the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and European Commission.

Tranlsation sevices

We offer translation services by qualified bilingual translators. We currently offer English – Japanese, Japanese – English, English – French, French – English, English – Thai, and Thai – English. Other languages may be available on request – please contact us for details.